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5 Unique Push Present Ideas for Moms

Giving your mom a push present is a great way to show her how much you care. 

It’s also an easy way to thank her for the things she does for you throughout the year. No matter what kind of birthstone push present you choose, it should be something that matters to both of you. So here are five unique ideas that will help make this special day even more memorable!


Birthstones are stones that are associated with each month of the year. She can also look for other options like necklaces and bracelets if you want to give her something more versatile.

Birthstone rings are great for moms with a baby in the same month as their own birthstone. Birthstones can symbolize new beginnings and how important it is to take time out every day to focus on yourself as a person before getting back into life after having a child or adopting one.

According to a jewelry professional, Haverhill, “Celebrate your growing family with meaningful Baby Mama & Push Present jewelry with baby’s birthstone & initials engraved in 14k gold. Easy to add onto as your family grows.”

Baby’s Heartbeat Art

This is a unique gift that can be kept forever as a keepsake. You can use it as a way to remember your baby’s heartbeat, or even if you want to keep it for yourself and look back on your pregnancy in the future.

The Birth Journal

A birth journal is a wonderful way to record the details of your labor and delivery, which can be a great keepsake for you and your family. The journal will allow you to remember what happened during those precious moments, even if the experience was painful or traumatic. It may also help you come to terms with any feelings of sadness or anxiety that linger after having a baby.

Interlocking Necklace

The first of the five unique push present ideas for mom is an interlocking necklace. These are a great way to represent the bond you have with your partner and can be used as a gift on birthdays or anniversaries. The jewelry piece has two different charms that fit together like a puzzle to create one symbol, representing how you fit together perfectly in life and love. If you want something less permanent, try getting matching tattoos instead!

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Baby Arrival Gift Set

A baby arrival gift set is the perfect choice for a new mom who has just given birth. This gift includes a bib, blanket and one-piece outfit for the newborn. You can personalize the onesie with your child’s name, which makes it an even more special gift. If you don’t know what color to get her, stick with neutral tones like white or tan since they will match any decor she chooses in her nursery.

This push present idea works well as both a baby shower gift and a welcome home present because you can give it at any point during labor or shortly after delivery. It’s also great as a thank-you present if someone helped you out with childcare while you were recovering from childbirth so that they know how much they mean to you!

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