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A Guide to Buying the Right Caravan Refrigerator

A caravan refrigerator is a portable absorption fridge with no moving parts that are best for travelling. These fridges use either an LPG gas or a 12-volt power source. The modern caravan fridge is embedded with an automatic setting that selects the most appropriate energy source for the refrigerator to function optimally.

Types of Caravan Refrigerators

1. Compressor Caravan Refrigerator

A compressor caravan fridge is the most commonly purchased caravan refrigerator. It comprises a small compressor unit that helps generate the cooling power. A compressor is needed as it prevents the fridge from overheating. The compressor caravan refrigerator is also called a “two-way” fridge as it has two ways of providing power: one through a 12-volt battery and the other through 240-volt power.

The advantages of a compressor caravan refrigerator are:

  • They can operate efficiently on a 12-volt battery.
  • They can work on rough or smooth terrain, as they do not need a level ground to function.
  • Compressor caravan refrigerators have a powerful compressor motor that can cool consistently and maintain lower temperatures.
  • The powerful compressor allows the compressor caravan refrigerators to work as a freezer.

2. Three-Way Caravan Refrigerator

The second type of portable caravan refrigerator is the three-way caravan refrigerator. As the name suggests, this caravan refrigerator has three ways of generating power, one is through a 12-volt battery, the second is through a 240-volt main power source, and the third is through an LPG gas cylinder. This refrigerator does not have a compressor for cooling like a compressor caravan fridge. Hence, their cooling ability comes from a gas exchange system at the back of the refrigerator.

This gas flow exchange system extracts the heat generated from the back of the fridge and utilises it to maintain a low temperature inside the fridge. The advantages of a three-way caravan refrigerator are:

  • There is no need to invest heavily in the charging equipment as the three-way caravan refrigerator works on a 9-litre LPG gas cylinder.
  • It is suitable for extended travel plans, as the 9-litre LPG gas cylinder can operate smoothly for up to three weeks.
  • The gas flow exchange system does not make any noise when running.

Which Type of Caravan Refrigerator Suits Your Purpose?

1. Compressor Caravan Refrigerator

The compressor caravan refrigerator suit the following purposes:

  • If, during travel, you intend to carry frozen perishables.
  • For travelling in remote areas on rough roads and rough terrains, compressor refrigerators do not need a ground level to function.
  • For the ones who are ready to invest in the fridge’s equipment. The compressor in the caravan refrigerators requires frequent changes of batteries.

2. Three-Way Caravan Refrigerator

The three-way caravan refrigerator is meant for the following purposes:

  • Long travel periods of more than two or three weeks. The three-way caravan refrigerators can operate on 9-litre LPG gas that lasts more than three weeks.
  • When you want to spend on something other than charging equipment, as the caravan refrigerator runs on LPG gas.
  • When travelling with highly perishable supplies.
  • Travelling on smooth roads is essential. The three-way caravan refrigerator needs a level surface to function.

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In Conclusion

Since food is necessary while travelling, a caravan fridge stores it and keeps it fresh; once you have bought the caravan refrigerator that suits your purpose, make sure to get it serviced regularly. If not maintained properly, the fridge won’t be able to work efficiently. Also, purchase caravan refrigerators only from an expert company.

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