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Ariana Greenblatt: How Old is Ariana Greenblatt Now?

How old is Ariana Greenblatt now, is a question that has been on many people’s minds. The teenage singer was born on 27 August 2007 in New York, and is known for being a part of the Disney Channel series “Liv and Maddie”. She’s been in several movies and TV shows since then, and has been featured on the cover of the magnificent magazine.

Posts Pictures of Family

Ariana Greenblatt was born on August 27, 2007, in New York City. Her parents are Shon and Soli Greenblatt. She has a younger brother, Gavin. Her parents have been extremely supportive of her career, and she discusses their support and skills in interviews. She often posts pictures of her family on social media. Her younger brother, Gavin, also has a famous YouTube channel.

Ariana Marley Greenblatt was born on August 27, 2007. She first landed her first acting role in ‘Stuck in the Middle’ as a teen. Then, she appeared in ‘A Bad Mom’s Christmas’. She will next appear in the film ‘One and Only Ivan’. Despite her young age, she’s still busy with various projects.

Soli Greenblatt

The singer was born on August 27, 2007 and her mother is Soli Greenblatt. She also has an elder brother, Gavin Greenblatt. Her mother and father are American. Her father and elder brother were both professional dancers, and their sons are also involved in the entertainment industry. Although Ariana Greenblatt has had a busy personal life, she’s focused on her career and is working hard to achieve her dreams.

The young singer’s parents are supportive and helpful. Her parents are proud of her success, and her parents have always been a key source of inspiration for their children. The actress’s mother is a professional dancer, and her father is a successful actor. However, Ariana’s mother is a singer. She grew up in Florida, and she’s now focusing on her career and her acting.

Theater & Television

At age seven, the aspiring singer began her acting career in theater and television. Her acting has not come from her education. Rather, it’s a combination of her passion for singing and her love of acting. She’s also a member of the “Dancing with the Stars” juniors, and she appears in a number of films and tv shows.

The talented dancer has been an integral part of Disney’s ‘Stuck in the Middle’ franchise. She’s also been seen on a variety of other popular TV shows. She’s a Christian, which makes her an American citizen. She is a fan of Christianity. You can find her on the internet and on her YouTube channel. The young star is not married yet, but she’s just beginning her career.

Private School

She’s a teenager. Her birthday is the 27th of August, and her mother’s name is Soli Greenblatt. She was born in 2007 in New York and grew up in Miami, where she starred on ‘Stuck in the Middle’. She’s now in high school and is currently pursuing her high school graduation at a private school in her hometown.

Despite the fact that she’s only a teenager, she’s a rising star. She has been a part of “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” and has appeared in many shows. She’s a member of the family with a family with an established background. Among her many interests is singing. She has a wide-ranging social media presence and has appeared on numerous television shows.


As a child actress, Ariana Greenblatt first gained fame on Disney’s “Stuck in the Middle.” She starred in the show with Isaak Presley and Jenna Ortega. She has since appeared in a number of movies and TV shows. Her age is 14 years. She has a brother, Gavin Greenblatt. In addition to acting, she enjoys baking, hanging out with friends and family.


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