Delicious and healthy delicacies of Kamchatka Salmon Caviar

Red caviar is the main delicacy of many modern holidays and celebrations. Salmon roe “Bering Seafood (Vostochny Bereg) is obtained from Bering Sea salmon, sockeye salmon, salmon, and pink salmon on the east coast of Kamchatka. Fine caviar is considered the most valuable, depending on maturity and degree of processing. This caviar is made from whole eggs uniform in size and color and can be easily separated. 

Natural salmon roe of various fish has different external characteristics such as taste, shell density, color, and egg diameter. Sockeye salmon caviar features small eggs 34 mm in diameter, thin shells, a bright red color, a distinct fishy aroma, and a delicious spicy taste with an apparent bitterness. Cham salmon caviar is the second most popular red caviar after pink salmon caviar. The egg has a large diameter of 58 mm, a softshell, a greasy bacon embryo can be seen, a bright deep orange color, and a delicate creamy taste. Pink salmon caviar has a pleasant, recognizable taste, a pale orange color, 46 mm diameter eggs, and a thin shell. Pink salmon eggs are covered with a thin shell that bursts and opens as soon as squeezed, leaving a slightly fishy aftertaste. Pink salmon caviar is widespread and very popular among gourmets due to its universal and unobtrusive fish taste and high fertility of fish that can produce large quantities of delicacies. The red caviar “Bering Seafood (Vostochny Bereg) has a pleasant taste and valuable characteristics.

The tonic effect improves immunity and restores strength. It is recommended for those who are weakened by illness or surgery. It positively impacts the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, increases hemoglobin in the blood, reduces the risk of blood clots, and protects against atherosclerosis and other heart and blood vessel diseases. Useful substances that makeup salmon roe promote tissue regeneration. Caviar helps normalize the functioning of the nervous system and allows people to be exposed to intense nervous tension. It improves brain function and helps those who are engaged in mental work. It has a positive effect on thyroid function. It has a positive impact on female reproductive function-enhancing male efficacy. Regular intake of salmon caviar strengthens bone tissue and improves skin and hair conditions. It has a good effect on eyesight. Red caviar protects the body from premature aging and prolongs youth. “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) offers the highest quality caviar. 

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With innovative technology and direct product placement on the fishing grounds, the time from catch to packing is 4 hours. A unique way to solve packaging problems helps maintain the taste and functionality of salmon roe after freezing. “Bering Seafood” is a leading distributor of high-quality seafood in the United States.

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