How important is Search Engine Optimization for your Business?

Whether you’re new to the digital marketing space or you’ve been working to boost your brand’s online presence for some time, you likely know that search engine optimization, or SEO, is key for getting your business noticed by your target audience. Here, Evan Tynan explains exactly why boosting your site’s SEO can help you get the customers you want.

1. Your customers are already looking for you–they just haven’t found you yet.

Believe it or not, your target market is likely looking for someone who does what you do–they just haven’t found you quite yet. When your website is optimized for Google and other search engines, your target market is more likely to find you at the top of their search results. This means that you have an easier time connecting with your customers and that your website is built to let them know that you have what it takes to meet their needs.

2. Your rank matters.

You know that your website gives customers great information that can help them solve a problem, but they’ll never see what you have to offer if you aren’t ranking at the top of popular search engines. Think about it: when you search for a topic online, it’s likely that you find the answer or business you need in the first few search results. The top three Google search results for any given topic get more than half of all clicks, and less than 10% of people bother to click on search results that show up on the second page.

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3. SEO techniques can build trust with your audience.

Optimizing your website isn’t just about using keywords that align with your target market. In order to boost your SEO ranking, you’ll need to work links naturally into your text, optimize your content for readability, and create a site that’s user-friendly. The benefits of using techniques that boost SEO are twofold: your customers get a better experience, and it’s easier for you to get in front of the customers who matter most.

4. Good SEO is good PR.

We’ve all seen it: you interact with a reputable business, check out its online presence… and it leaves something to be desired. When you keep up with SEO best practices, you’re aligning your internet presence with the needs of your user, and you’re giving them a positive sense of what you have to offer before they even walk through the door of your brick-and-mortar business. Your SEO strategists and your public relations team should be working in tandem–what’s good for one is good for the other, according to Evan Tynan.

Remember: The best SEO techniques are changing constantly.

The factors that would get your website at the top of a Google search result 10 years ago wouldn’t do the same today, says Evan Tynan. While the ever-changing nature of SEO can be frustrating, it aligns with the ever-changing needs of your market. When you stay on top of creating the online experience that your users need, everyone wins.

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