How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media (Including 7 Excellent Examples)

It seems like half of the internet traffic will be generated by social media in the next three years. It is important to be on top of your game when marketing through these channels!

Social media platforms allow you to reach out to your friends, but it also helps build brand awareness within communities and among those who may have otherwise never heard from you before. Videos have become increasingly famous on social media platforms, particularly mobile phones.

To increase viewer engagement and get more views, it is recommended to create a short video of fewer than 15 seconds. Yes, you heard it; your video should be short, crisp, and full of entertainment. There are various ways you can create your short videos engaging, which can help increase the views. Let us know about them.

How to Create Engaging Short Videos for Social Media?

1. Video Idea- The first step is to think of a wonderful idea on which you will create your video. If you write a blog, then look at your previous blogs and see if you can get a great idea from there, as this can help your viewers connect better, which will help you get more views. Another way of finding video ideas is by studying the most shared content for any topic. Check on the posts with maximum views, likes, and comments, and get an idea from there. You can also check on social media platforms to see the trending topics and create a video on them.

2. Plan- You must start with a strategy that concerns content scheduling, searching and understanding your target audience, competition check, budget, task allocation, and choosing a good online video editor. Once you have the idea with you, the next step you need to take is writing a script. Decide the flow of the video, starting from the intro to the mid part, and how to conclude it. You can also create a storyboard to see what a shot would look like and which angle needs to be taken, as that will make it easy for you when you start recording. Planning helps make compelling videos that will make them a lot more successful. It would help if you were clear about the goals of your social media videos, such as raising brand awareness, enticing new followers, or updating people about a new launch.

3. Recording- Here comes the major part that is recording the video; you need to ensure that the first few seconds are the key to a successful video, so make it count. The recording has become pretty easy these days as you can create it with a few simple tools and tricks. Here are some of the tools required for recording the video-

  • Smartphone- Yes, you can record videos using your smartphone; you do not need to invest in expensive cameras to create a video. Most smartphones offer high-quality visuals and audio quality that can help create a good video.
  • Tripod- It is recommended to purchase a tripod as that aids in getting stabilisation to your videos which gives them a more professional look.
  • Microphone- You should record your video at a quiet location with no disturbance, yet it is recommended to opt for a good quality microphone as that can enhance the sound quality of your videos
  • Good lighting- Lighting plays an important role in creating a good-quality video. Natural light is the best, but you can opt for lamps or purchase a professional light to create a pleasing video if you are shooting at night.

4. Editing- Recording videos is just half the work, and editing is the other important part. You can opt for any online video editor, free or premium, as it can help create professional-looking videos within a couple of minutes.

5. Share- Once the editing is done now, you just need to share or upload the videos on different social media platforms. You can share the video on your website and other social media platforms where you have your target audience. Do not forget to track the performance of your video, as that will help you prepare for the next video accordingly.

Examples of videos for social media 

You can create different kinds of short videos for social media-

  1. How-to or tutorial videos- You can create short how-to videos to convince customers to buy personal care products by creating a tutorial on how to use them. This is a how-to video promoting Bobbi Brown products.
  2. Customer Testimonial- Create short customer testimonial videos showing how your personal care products helped them look better. These videos are a great way to generate leads as people feel confident seeing happy customers. 
  3. Behind-the-scenes video – Create a behind-the-scenes video showing how the products are manufactured, the people behind them, and the work culture. This helps gain customers’ attention and confidence as they like watching behind-the-scenes videos. This is a behind the scene video of how KitKat is made.
  4. Product Launch- Recently, Adidas launched a video in which they launched a new category of products in their existing range. They included a premium range of running shoes, which has worked wonders for them.
  5. User-generated content- Here is a video from Starbucks. They have collated photos to create a video of different new cups they have launched. 
  6. Live videos – Many companies live streaming to share news about the product launch at an event. This is a great way to see the event live and get the news update.
  7. Thank You videos are a great way of attracting people and making them feel special. Recently,It is a great way to appreciate your employees, and it also results in increased engagement.

Bottom Line

This was about creating short videos for a social media channel, using these tips to create brand awareness and boost conversions. But, remember that you should always start with a strategy, invest in basic types of equipment initially, optimise the videos for different channels, and do not forget to measure and analyse the results.

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