How to Get Your Kids to Start Cooking

If you’re like me, you grew up watching your parents cooking dinner every night and then helping with the dishes. But if you’re like me and also a parent, it can be tough to get your kids interested in the kitchen.

Cooking is fun, and it’s also useful, as cooking helps kids learn about math, and science (and even English), but for many kids, just the idea of being in the kitchen seems intimidating!

1. Let your child handle a safety knife

A kitchen knife is the most important tool in any cook’s arsenal. But kids are still learning how to use them! So you need to consider their age and how much they can handle.

A safety knife is designed for children so that it has a rounded blade (instead of being pointed) and no sharp edge, which makes it easier for them to cut things without hurting themselves or others. It also has a soft grip handle, so it won’t slip from their hands as easily and hurt anyone else that way.

The best part? Safety knives come in all different sizes and colours, so everyone will find one that fits their style! There are lots of places to buy a good safety knife in Australia. You can conduct a quick Google search to find a reliable place.

2. Watch cookery TV with them

You can watch cookery TV with your kids. Or you can watch it alone, and then tell them about it after they’re in bed—or while they’re at school! Or you might even want to watch a few episodes together. There are lots of options.

In fact, one of the best things about cookery shows is that they’re available pretty much everywhere: on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube (which has tons of cooking tutorials). You could even try using a live stream site like Twitch or Facebook Live if you want to see someone preparing food in real time!

3. Give your child a reason to cook

Another way to get your kids cooking is to give them a reason to do so. You can make it fun by making it into a competition or challenge with other family members or simply giving them an excuse to cook for others and see the joy on their faces when they see how much their food is appreciated

4. Let your child help with the shopping

There are two ways to go about this. You can either let your child help with the ingredients and utensils, or you can let your child help with equipment (such as a stand mixer, for example). If you choose to go down the latter path:

  • Buy something that will be easy for them to use and clean up after themselves. The easier it is on their end, the more likely they are going to want to do it again!
  • Check out reviews from parents who have purchased similar products before so that you know what’s good quality and what isn’t worth buying at all (or try asking around!).

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5. Don’t use gadgets in front of your kids

To get your children interested in cooking, teach them the basics. Make it a fun activity for them, and make sure you don’t use any gadgets in front of them. Start off with simple recipes that use real food – not processed items like frozen pizzas or microwaveable meals.

Cooking is a great way to help children get involved with the kitchen. It’s also a skill they will use throughout their lives, so it’s worth making sure they really enjoy it! And if they don’t start cooking now, how will they ever learn?

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