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How To Spot And Fix a Leaking Roof

A roof leak can be complicated to find, difficult to fix, and quite an alarming situation for homeowners and property owners since the physical condition can put your property at a greater risk. At the very least even a small roof leak can cause a lot of damage for the entire building. Hence, in this article, we cover some of the common symptoms of a roof leak and what quick steps can be taken to protect your property while keeping its inhabitants safe. 

Identifying a roof leak

Quite a number of signs take place which can in turn alert you to the presence of a leaking roof, and being aware of those signs is just the first step. A leak can endure for a long time, maybe for many years before ever showing a single sign that it is already there. However, if you are lucky to be able to spot at its initial stages, you can avoid yourself a lot of money, time and effort and the difficulty of having to deal with the issues prior to the damages getting from bad to worse.

Some common signs that might point to a potential leak somewhere in your roof are:

  • Water on the ceiling
  • Sagging ceiling or bulging patches
  • Missing tiles
  • Damaged roofing panels
  • Dampness on upper walls

Get a repair done fast

Once you have spotted the leak in your building, depending on the location of where the leak starts, there are quite a few potential fixes you can do by yourself if you are well equipped with the tools and know exactly how and what to do. It is better to attend to  roof leakage repair quicker than neglect it. 

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  • Reapply vaults and window edges  Make sure to  replace the caulk area around the flashing which can fill the gaps that  might have split up since the roof was last replaced.
  • Clean up the gutters – If a leak is visible, it may be due to a clogged gutter system. Put on your rubber gloves and clear away large debris such as leaves and twigs from the gutters to help the water flow smoothly. 
  • Fix plumbing vent boots – When a vent is damaged, it can allow in water where it shouldn’t. If there is nothing wrong with the existing boot, then only a replacement is needed with some screws.
  • Replace damaged shingles – Sometimes when shingles are damaged there is a chance for the water to seep from it. To stop the leak, you can get rid of the nail holding it in place and scuff up any remaining roofing cement that is left in the area. You can take a new shingle, apply some fresh cement and then nail the replacement shingle all over the area that needs it.

Call a professional roofer for complex issues

Often the best way to approach a leaking roof is to get the professionals involved. They may be able to find out the exact problem and recommend the right solution without additional repair estimates when done by yourself. They can replace and fix roofs in a matter of days as planned accurately. 

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Repairing existing damages is an important aspect of the roofing repair and replacement process. That said, preventing damage during the project should also be considered essential. Of course, the project is costly enough but being aware of the signs is just the first step to taking good care of your roof.  Contact roof leakage repair singapore today and get one step closer to your perfect roof.

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