How to take a shower that is good for your skin

Bathing is one of our regular routines. But have you ever wondered what our bathing looks like? Is it good for your skin? In fact, it’s not difficult to keep your shower hygienic and not hurt your skin. Just pay more attention to details. You will be able to have clean and healthy skin.

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Keeping your body clean is an important factor in good health. Bathing is a procedure that washes away dirt, oil and sweat from the skin. Taking a proper bath on a regular basis has a positive effect on both physical and mental health. If the body is clean We feel confident in ourselves when we meet others, so taking a skin-friendly shower each day is important to keep in mind.

proper bath

Each person’s way of bathing may vary according to their preferences and convenience. Generally, there are two main methods of bathing: bathing with a shower or a bucket. and bathing in the bathtub Both methods have different details and steps as follows.

Bathing using a shower or a bucket

Bathing with a shower is a popular and familiar method in many homes. because it takes up less space It takes a shorter time and saves water than using a bathtub. As for using a bowl to scoop water from a container that holds water It is still a common practice in some homes. By the method of bathing with a shower or a bowl to scoop water properly are as follows:

– Test the water temperature appropriate for yourself before taking a shower. In the absence of a water heater and found that the water was too cold Hot water may be boiled to bring the mixture to a temperature suitable for bathing. If there is a water heater The temperature should be adjusted accordingly. not too cold or too hot Especially people who like to take a hot shower or very hot. because of frequent hot baths will cause dry skin

– Use clean water to wash yourself before using soap.

– Choose a soap that is gentle on the skin. and does not contain perfume especially those with sensitive skin

– Pour the soap on the palm. Rub the soap all over your body from your neck, shoulders, and down to your legs, feet, and toes. You may use additional tools like a sponge or a loofah to scrub your body.

– Wash off the soap thoroughly. without leaving soap residue on the skin

If you want to wash your hair It should start by pouring shampoo into the palm of your hand, rubbing until foaming, and applying the shampoo onto your hair, gently massage, focusing on the roots of your hair and scalp. down to the tip of the hair Rinse off the shampoo foam thoroughly. and use hair conditioner at the ends of the hair so that the hair is soft and not tangled Then use warm or cold water to rinse the conditioner off. and wash for the last time Before drying And apply moisturizing cream to the skin immediately after wiping to prevent dry skin.

The ideal bath time should be between 5-10 minutes, which is enough to cleanse the body and moisturize the skin. Bathing for too long can dry out your skin more. Especially taking a hot or very hot bath for a long time. Due to the high temperature of water, the pores will open. and makes the skin lose moisture more easily

bathing in the bathtub

Many people may enjoy taking a warm bath in the bath. because it feels more relaxing than taking a shower with a shower But taking a bath in a bathtub may also include steps and details that need more attention, including:

– Before taking a bath in the tub Should have various equipment for bathing close at hand. To keep them handy, they include towels, soap, shampoo, body lotion, and new clothes to change into after the shower.

– Clean the bathtub Use a thick cloth or tissue to wipe the inside of the tub. To get rid of soap and hair residue left in the tub.

– Use a shower to wash yourself before soaking in the tub. To cleanse the dirt from the body.

– Turn on the right amount of warm water in the bathtub. And the temperature of the bath water should not be higher than 40.5 degrees Celsius in the absence of a thermometer. May drop water on the inner arm to test the water temperature suitable for yourself

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– Clean the body with soap. Or soak in warm water for 10-15 minutes, possibly using essential oils. Like 4-6 drops of lavender oil mixed with milk or honey and poured into a water bath. To increase relaxation, reduce stress and help sleep better.

– Wash yourself clean again. Release the water from the bathtub. Slowly get out of the tub. Use a towel to dry. and use a moisturizer to add moisture to the skin

How often should I take a shower?

Generally, our skin contains a layer of natural fats and good bacteria that help keep skin hydrated and healthy. Bathing too often can cause your skin to lose these skin components. This can cause dry, itchy, or peeling skin and can impair the immune system function of the skin. Bacteria can therefore enter the skin more easily. And lead to inflammation of the skin. Dermatologists recommend showering at least 1-2 times a day, depending on your daily activities.

On the other hand, choosing to take infrequent showers can also have negative effects. This can cause bad bacteria to grow on the skin faster. When the bacteria on the skin are out of balance will cause body odor to spoil the personality and risk of skin diseases such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis

Therefore, if living outside the home for a long time Occupations that involve close contact with others or exercise regularly You should take a shower twice a day for good skin hygiene. Especially during the epidemic of various communicable diseases such as COVID-19, in which cleanliness of the body is an important factor in reducing the risk of contracting the virus. Therefore, you should shower and change clothes as soon as you get home. before doing other activities with family members

Taking a shower doesn’t have to be a difficult or complicated procedure. Just take a shower in the correct way. Avoid taking high-temperature baths or bathing too often. and choose products that are suitable for your skin. It will help to have clean and healthy skin. This is for good health. Towels should be changed about once a week and scrub sponges should be cleaned weekly. Hang in a dry and ventilated place to prevent mold.


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