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Spring is the perfect time for a refresh in all areas of life. The sun is starting to shine, days feel longer, and everyone is much happier. Spring is the best time to incorporate new colours into your home. You could be searching for decorative items to catch the eye at an upcoming garden party or hunting for a bold and beautiful frame for A4 prints to liven up your living room. Either way, it is essential to know the right colour schemes trending for spring, so let’s look at how to add the perfect colour schemes to your home this season.

Coordinating Colours

Add colours to your interiors that accentuate your walls; this will help create a visually pleasing space. Specific colours complement one another, so in order to create a balanced room, you will need to research the colour wheel and shades that work well with one another. These are called complementary colours. To do this, choose your first primary colour and use it as the foundation for your room. Your secondary colour should be a colour that sits opposite your primary choice on the colour wheel. This will be used for furniture pieces, accessories and textiles. You can also use this secondary colour for accent walls or artwork. Mix a combination of lighter and darker shades together and incorporate multiple textures. This will add dimension to your room without overwhelming it. Using complementary colours can make your space feel more cohesive and well-designed.

Have A Feature Colour

Feature colours are a fun, unique way to add a pop of spring to any room in your home without needing to change up loads of pieces or paint the walls. Redecorating can be a mammoth task; however, incorporating smaller decor pieces can completely change the feel of your space, and it can be budget-friendly too. Vibrant colours, including yellow, blues, greens and pinks, are perfect for this, especially in this season. Adding a focal pop of colour works well with both neutral, minimalistic spaces and homes that already have colourful interiors. Having a feature spring colour allows you to create a new ambience for the season that can be easily swapped as and when you want to, an easy way to change up your home without wasting money.

Bring The Outside Inside

Green is a fun, vibrant colour that most people associate with warmer weather. Adding pops of green to your indoor environment will refresh the space and your mood. Green symbolises growth and renewal, making it the best choice for the spring. A lot of people stay away from greens. However, this can be incorporated easily without being too overwhelming. If you prefer a simplistic space with neutral tones, add some green plants on the floor and higher up on shelving and surfaces. You could select the more muted green-toned plants if you don’t want the vibrant look. If you do want to bring your space to life with more colour, try adding green scatter cushions, throws and curtains or invest in a larger piece, this could be a trendy armchair.

The Perfect Trio

The most associated colours with spring are pastel blues, pinks and purples, and they all work well together. These soft, delicate shades will add a tranquil ambience to your home. Complementary pastels will bring a calming effect to your overall aesthetic and can be incorporated into almost every interior style. You could commit and add one of these shades as a statement wall to enhance furniture within the room, or you could use smaller accessories, including flowers, cushions and decorative pieces, to add subtle hints of pastel colour. The soothing tones work wonderfully in any room; however, they are typically perfect for a child’s bedroom or living room.

To conclude, adding colours to your home associated with the new season will help bring vibrancy and energy to the space while also boosting your mood daily. These colours can be used anywhere throughout your home, elevating your kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom. Experiment with styles, pieces and colours, creating a place you are proud to call home. You could go bold and add complementary colours with bigger pieces and statement walls, or you may add a few intricate decor pieces and plants; either way, your home will undergo a stunning spring transformation.

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