Product walkthroughs: things you must know

Interactive walkthroughs are altering the overall way an end-user understands and interacts with a complicated product app or software. A walkthrough promises the specific help required to perform a task in a user-friendly, visually appealing, that of step-by-step, and interactive way. 

In the present time, the end-users mostly avoid lengthy help manuals and prefer that of instant help to make use of an app or software or product for their specific use case. This is where interactive type of product walkthrough has become so important.

Remember that a walkthrough is an interactive, in-app  type of tutorial that guides users through a proper set of features or tasks. Such walkthroughs are often used in times of onboarding and training, and they even promise a number of perks for organizations  along with their user base.

Quick perks of walkthroughs 

Product tours  or walkthroughs offer several benefits to developers relying on the different contexts that you use them in.

Proper engagement

There has been a considerable type of shift in how folks learn and engage. Rather than offering a manual or a video, you can simply engage users in interactive tours. Interactive learning has accumulated a lot of steam in the educational communities over the years as a brilliant and effective learning instrument.

Enhance the overall product adoption

A brilliant way for developers to enhance the product adoption is by demonstrating clearly why a specific product is valued to a user. A product tour or walkthrough can help this by showing precisely how and why a specific product solves a problem the user has. The swifter a user starts to get value from a product, the less probable they are to abandon it.

Overall performance data

A huge plus of making use of product tours is that it permits you to capture user performance data. You can easily make use of advanced analytics to simply pull information from interactive walkthroughs and locate where users are becoming disengaged or what is really causing user shake. Once you figure it out, it could be a great help. 

Efficient user onboarding  

Forming up an excellent product tour simply user onboarding can turn out to be more cost-effective and a lot more efficient. It assists in user adoption and user retention by underlining valuable aspects of the product that are getting underused.

User activation

User activation is a critical kpi that decides the health of your application or even product. Briefly defined, user activation is the fraction of users who fulfil a specific task or milestone inside the product. This kpi is mostly an action that means the user will turn out to be an engaged customer.

Similarly, you should not miss that good guidance can assist in ensuring that all users can sign up or even turn out to be active through tips, reminders, and even so on.

Self service

At the soul of a great product tour or walkthrough is the idea of self-service. People love to discover a product for themselves. Users do ask for self-serve options now and mostly pick automated support options over that of custom support interaction with human beings. An additional bonus is that a well-done type of product tour reduces the expense involved in online support.

Adoption of feature  

Though one aspect of your product could simply grab a user’s attention, the more features they adopt, the more probably they are to stick around. Developers can easily and effectively drive feature adoption via well-placed product tours and walkthroughs that explain tools and features.

Quick tips for your product tours and walkthroughs 

Here are some points that would help you in making the most out of your tour:

Short and sweet

Make sure that product tours you have is short, punchy, and even to the point. These walkthroughs should help users reach a next step or that of access a main function. Remember, you wish to establish how your product is going to help them. Show them swiftly.

Consistent design  

Keeping the user in the flow of your product is absolutely crucial . So ensure that your product tours have a constancy of ui elements as well as colours. Make sure that you don’t pull the user out of the overall experience.


So, since you know abundantly about these product tours and walkthroughs; make the most out of them for your profits.

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