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How to take your career as an AV engineer?

Audio Engineering – 

Even though a degree or diploma isn’t needed for Sound Engineering people prefer to get a degree before going to this field to be on the safe side.

The underlying creativity is in composing and coming up with new tunes and then putting down that idea of the composer on a technical level and pleasant sounding canvas. Composers want to learn the techniques of Sound Engineering to produce their own music which is absolutely fine but takes a long time to develop the taste and ears for music and sound and not a fast, quick solution.

The top audio engineering schools for 2022

If you love learning about audio technology, audio engineering schools are heaven for you. Read on if you’re interested in audio production or want to learn more about it.

To succeed in the audio production industry, it is important to enroll in the right program at a top audio engineering school.

Students have access to professional equipment and the opportunity to network with classmates and instructors, which can prove invaluable as they enter the workforce.

Each program will have its unique elements, varying in complexity, and resulting in different credentials.

There are many reasons why these schools made our list of 2022 Best Schools:

How does one become an audio engineer?

The first thing to remember is that experience isn’t just knowledge. It is important to gain experience with all aspects of the production process to become an audio engineer.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the skills that are expected of audio engineers to understand how to become the best.

According to our review of more than 100 job postings, audio engineering career paths offer something unique.

Most U.S. and Canadian employers are very specific about the programs and skills they want their audio engineering staff to possess. Most job postings talk about education very broadly, especially when it comes to entry-level jobs. According to many, “equal experience” is sufficient to meet job requirements without formal or postgraduate education.

Some advanced positions indeed require traditional educational knowledge. The job listings often specify “formal education in health or related fields” which allows for any education in audio engineering to fit into these job listings. These include composite audio engineers or audio assimilation engineers, for example. Isn’t that great?

The requirement for more than one certification, whether traditional secondary education is required or not, is common to many positions.

Among them:

  • Certificates in PSAV (often requested and employers often give preferential terms for completing training after starting work)

Why should I attend audio engineering school?

While it is possible to enter the field with the right combination of experience and knowledge of projects without a post-secondary education, it is difficult to obtain that knowledge without it.

As part of your certificate, diploma, and degree programs, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and build portfolios that will lead to a successful career after graduation.

What is the cost of an audio engineering school?

Listed below are the lengths of the programs. In general, longer programs will lead to higher certification levels. In voice(.)com website’s point of view, it is often not the identity itself that matters, it is the technology, equipment, and experience with people that make a great candidate for the position of audio engineering after graduation.

It is important to note that reading differs greatly between programs. The following programs, recognizing that any credentials will suffice for getting the job you want, provide the learning experience and the environment that will be an asset to your future career development. Get out your notebook …

What will be the best audio engineering schools in 2022?

There are a few types of audio engineers, but I’m guessing you’re talking about the person who sits behind an audio console recording things for music, film, television, radio, etc.

According to our review of job postings, certification programs are as effective as BScs (in our watchlist).

Consider these three audio engineering school certification programs:

Fanshawe College

Location: London, Ontario

Program Length: 1 year

Degree: Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Audio Post-Production

Tuition: $ 7,226 CAD


The Fanshawe College audio post-production program is a highly specialized, advanced program focused on the theory and practice of producing creative sound for film, television, gaming, web animation, live audio, video, and all forms of new media. Concept building is emphasized through the use of audio production and surround sound design.

All the professors are down to the earth and friendly furthermore studies in Fanshawe are professional.

Fanshawe always offers plenty of clubs and events, as well as access to Computer Labs and restaurants. Their library & media services are also excellent. On a side note, I’ve heard that they reintroduced Advanced Photography, so I may consider going back there.

Sample Courses: Multi-level courses covering audio post-production theory, practical, and lab.

Musicians Institute College of Contemporary Music

Location: Los Angeles, California

Program Length: 1 year

Degree: Certificate in Audio Engineering

Tuition: $ 16,350 USD


In the School of Audio Engineering, you can learn how to work in today’s professional audio production environment – recording studios, venues, post-production houses, and/or film houses, with the valuable experience provided. Source: Michigan Institute of Contemporary Music.

As well as certified programs, MI offers non-certified programs that enhance the learning experience with a more granular focus on specific areas of interest within the recording industry.

Examples of courses: Recording Techniques, Recording Theory, The Business of Audio, Music Skills for Audio Engineers, Mixing Essentials, Vocal Production

An Anderson alumnus. To name a few, Pak, Bishop Briggs, and Mark Mackay.

University of Washington

Location: Seattle, Washington

Program Length: 8 months

Degree: Certificate in Audio Production Techniques

Tuition: $ 5,787 USD


A three-course certification program at the University of Washington explores technical principles and creative skills required to complete professional sound projects. We will cover editing, mixing, storing, and mastering in this course. In this course, you will learn about acoustics, microphones, analog and digital recording, and how to create an audio project for a film or music project.

In addition to its social activities, research, and industry networking, the UW is a great place to connect with students, your field, and your industry better than many other schools.

The University of Washington is the source for this information.

Sample Courses: Audio Production Principles, Audio Production Project: Music, Audio Production Project: Video

Audio Engineering Freelance Jobs [2022]

A freelance AV engineer can use Field Engineer to find the best-fit position for their CV. The jobs you have available will allow you to see how valuable your qualifications and certifications are. Discover your AV engineering career options with Field Engineer today.

And once you start off as a freelancer, people would expect you to work for dirt cheap. Random media colleges pop up every now and then. There are hundreds of students out on the streets every year looking for a job.

So if you deny a job citing inadequate payment, there’s gonna be another poor chap out there who’d pick it up. Just because he wants to do something and survive. But as long as you are really sure about it, the months and years will scrape by. And eventually, you will be in a position to charge what you want and take up only projects that you feel like working on. I quit my safe and secure decently-paying IT job to take up sound engineering. Despite being aware of the upcoming struggles. But now after almost a decade into it, I can say I have no regrets at all. 🙂

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