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Sherry Dyson: What Happened to Chris Gardner Ex-Wife?

During their relationship, Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner were deeply in love. They had a son together, Christopher, but unfortunately, she miscarried during their pregnancy. Sherry and Chris divorced in 1990, and it is unclear whether they will ever get back together. It is unclear whether or not the two will have any children together. While Chris is still pursuing his career as a motivational speaker, Sherry is still living with her son.

Deteriorating Relationship

While Gardner and Dyson were married for 9 years, they did not have any children. Although Sherry had been pregnant once, she had a miscarriage during the first pregnancy. Sherry was working as a security guard during the day and as a security guard during the night. After the divorce, Chris Gardner began working as a security guard. In addition to his job, Sherry Dyson’s personal life was not very happy. Sherry lost her dream of becoming a doctor because of her deteriorating relationship with Chris.

While Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner were married for nine years, both became pregnant. But they never had any children, despite the fact that she was pregnant. Sherry had a miscarriage during her first pregnancy, and Gardner worked as a security guard during the day. The couple split after three years of marriage, but he still had children with Jackie Medina. Sherry Dyson was left alone in Oakland, and Gardner and Jackie continued to have little contact after the separation.

Many Difficult Situations

Sherry Dyson faced many difficult situations in her life, but she fought them. She decided to pursue a career as a mathematician and helped many kids in school and college. The couple was married for nine years, but eventually divorced. However, Sherry Dyson remained close with Chris Gardner for a second time, and Chris was a great father to the children.

Sherry and Chris Gardner were married for nine years, but they were separated before their son was born. Sherry’s ex-husband had cheated on her and ended up pregnant with another woman. This is why the marriage failed. They separated after three years of marriage. This was not a good marriage, and sherry did not make their children. The two were only together for a short time.

Lack of Communication

Though Dyson and Gardner were married for three years, their relationship ended due to a lack of communication. While they did not have children, sherry was pregnant. Their separation was a shock for both of them. Afterwards, she continued to work as a security guard. Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner did not have any contact after the separation. Sherry Dyson and Chris were separated in 1986.

The former couple did not have any children. Sherry was pregnant with Chris Gardner’s child while the two were married. After they separated, sherry did not want to have children and worked as a security guard. Sherry Dyson has been married for three years, but her relationship with her husband has not ended. She has a son with her new partner, and she became an inspirational author.

Sherry & Chris

Sherry Dyson and Chris Gardner divorced in the summer of 2013. Both had children, but they had no children. After their marriage, both Gardner and Dysin became separated, but they remained close. They both had separate lives, but they remained friends on social media. Sherry and Chris were in touch in the months following their separation. This is not unusual in a relationship, but it is certainly not a happy one.

Final Words:

Despite their nine-year marriage, they never had children. While they were living happily, they separated in 1986 and Gardner moved to Oakland, California. During this time, he had an affair with a young dentist, Jackie Medina. After the separation, he moved in with Jackie. The relationship ended and the couple divorced. Sherry and Chris had no contact for years afterward.

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