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Should You Call an Architect or Interior Designer?

When preparing for your new home, you can call an architect or an interior designer. Now the question is, for designing or decorating your interiors, which can be the best? You should understand the difference between the two and can hire which suits your requirements. The architects in Phoenix are professional enough to satisfy your requirements.

Who is an Architect?

The architects have studied for five years to earn a bachelor’s degree in architecture. They are certified by the architecture council and authorized to sanction the building plans by the development authorities. They can-

  • Design all structures like offices, homes, churches, stations, hotels, and many others.
  • Close supervision is needed when the architects act as an organization as a team
  • The architect’s design incorporates functionality as well as beauty
  • As the architect has strong mathematical and reasoning skills, he can ensure a stable and sound structure.
  • Architects can draw the plans with computer-aided designs.

Who is an Interior Designer?

The architects in Phoenix are different from the interior designers and let us understand the key roles of the designers. Interior designing is a diploma course that takes about two years. There is also another option of a certificate course that can range from 6 months to one year.

  • The designers are professionally trained to plan the space within the buildings, including hospitals, offices, homes, and other buildings.
  • In their designs, beauty and functionality can go hand in hand, maintaining the proper safety protocols.
  • Sometimes a simple change of fabric, painting, or furnishing can entirely change the decoration of the house.
  • The designers possess strong aesthetic design skills along with spatial skills.
  • After the consultation with the client, the designers can draw the entire plan. When the drawing gets approved, the designers start creating the space according to the drawings.

Dissimilarity Between an Architect and an Interior Designer

Both the professionals are certified for building and beautifying your structure. The architects can build the spaces which are exterior and interior. On the other hand, interior designer starts their work on previously established internal platforms. The architects may sometimes work with the color of the interiors by consulting with the interior designers. The designers also sit with the architects to discuss the exterior paints. The architects and the interior designers can thus go hand in hand with coordination.

Understand Your Requirements

You should understand your requirements and decide accordingly. If you have a ready structure that only requires the interior to be decorated, you should call interior designers. But you should depend on the architect when you have an empty plot where the building needs to be constructed from scratch.

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The architects in Phoenix can provide you with designs for your empty plot where you can construct the building from scratch. Interior designers can be helpful when you have a ready structure and require designing your bedroom or drawing room. Thus you should select them according to the requirements of your projects.

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