Top 5 Super Fielders In Cricket

Fielding in Cricket is one of the most vital requirements to run the game smoothly. Proper fielding has the potential to reverse the outcome of a match. An expert fielder can save the day with a running catch or a run-out and can shift the momentum towards the opponent. The presence of an experienced fielder on the ground generally builds pressure on the opposition. Many fielders’ unexpected catches often create outstanding results. The skill of fielding requires dedication, body flexibility and a robust understanding of the tactics. It takes some years to become an expert in the field of fielding. Like many other formats of Cricket, T20 is one of the most popular and is enjoyed by millions of people. The T20 World Cup news brings delight to the minds of many people. They eagerly wait to enjoy the outstanding performances of the cricketers. 

In this write-up, let us go through a list of some of the most efficient and skilled fielders worldwide. Their contributions have played a crucial role in turning the results of many unexpected matches. These fielders have often played a crucial role in the victory of their team. They are indeed a significant part of the cricket team. 

  1. Ravindra Jadeja: The Indian cricket team is blessed with the presence of Ravindra Jadeja as one of the most prominent members. This all-rounder is often recognized as the current best fielder in the entire world. In around 168 ODI matches, he has taken 60 essential catches for the team. It is pretty challenging to find any other cricketer who can match their perfect throws and the calibre to cut down angles in the field swiftly. He is undoubtedly an asset on the ground. Jadeja’s exceptional diving catch against Bangladesh in the 2016 T20 World Cup created a world record. He was praised from all quarters of Cricket. In many other matches, too, he has time and again proved his potential. Another such instance is his quick and direct throws at the wicket from the outfield in the 2019 World Cup. In total, he has taken over 100 catches in about 262 T20 matches. He is genuinely one of the finest fielders in the history of Cricket. 
  1. Glenn Maxwell: The Australia all-rounder Glenn Maxwell is another terrific fielder who has given many extraordinary performances over the years. His ability to pick up catches smoothly is beyond the imagination of an audience. Through his unexpected catches on the field, he has successfully impressed many people over the years. In 2018, in a match against South Africa, Maxwell dismissed Faf Du Plessis by somehow managing to catch even the most challenging ball. He is a ductile fielder who can adjust to any part of the field very nicely. In many of the matches, his full-length dives assure victory for his team. He is so efficient in the art of fielding that he very rarely misses when he needs to take a shy at the stumps. Also, in many series, his ability to grab unimaginable catches has surprised cricket lovers often. In more than 300 T20 matches of his career, Maxwell has taken 161 catches along with 35 catches in the T20Is. He is definitely having a glorious career as a fielder. 
  1. Chris Jordan: Chris Jordan is an elusive fielder who has totally redefined the fielding manuals on the ground. He has the unique ability to catch a ball from any distance very swiftly, as if catching a flying bird. Jordan is a terrific and courageous fielder who appreciates diving to any extent to make his team win the match. Some of his most unexpected and unimaginable catches brought him to the limelight and made him a favorite of many followers of Cricket. Besides being known as the highest wicket-taker for England, Jordan has also proved himself to be a great fielder by picking up36 catches from 65 T20I games in his career. His remarkable achievements are always cherished by his fans and followers.  
  1. Shadab Khan: The great Pakistani leg-spinner Shadab Khan has impressed the cricket world with his consistent art of flexible fielding on the field. He is genuinely a versatile fielder who is capable of taking any position inside the ground to grab his catches. Whenever a go at the stumps is required, he is often seen to strike the ball. He has a strong throwing arm which helps him to attempt diving catches, and boundary saves very effectively. In many matches, his stupendous fielding has aided the Pakistan team in winning against the opponent. He is a young member of the team and is expected to offer many more significant record-breaking performances in the upcoming years. His fans and well-wishers are eagerly waiting to get mesmerized by his performances again and again. 

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  1. Jonty Rhodes: The finest South African fielder, Jonty Rhodes is an extremely powerful fielder whose valuable presence on the field is used to create magical outcomes. His run out in the World Cup of 1999 was indeed praiseworthy, and a spectacular performance was given by him, which is still remembered by many people. That image is still living in the minds of thousands of cricket lovers. He has successfully picked up 34 catches in 52 Test matches and also 105 catches in 245 ODI matches of his playing career. He is undeniably the best fielder of his era. His contributions to the field of Cricket are unmatched and motivating. 

The job of a fielder is essential in the course of a match. Fielding involves dedication, flexibility, intelligence and definitely practice. A good fielder often changes the result of the game and becomes a blessing for his team. In this write-up, we have attempted to highlight some of the most talented fielders who have given awe-inspiring performances over the years and kept the audience captivated. Their achievements and success are indeed very inspiring. Many aspiring youngsters can benefit from learning their life stories and the techniques and styles used by these great fielders on the ground. 

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