Your Guide to a Memorable Fiji Schoolies 2023

Welcome and congratulations, Class of 2023! Final exams are done, and the school year is officially over—now it is time to enjoy. If you are gearing up for your upcoming graduation trip, there is no better way of de-stressing than flying to a gorgeous one-stop island destination. Fiji is on the bucket list of almost every vacation plan. A perfect island getaway, Fiji Schoolies 2023 is your key to unlocking weeks of non-stop fun with your favourite people.


The weeks following your school exams should be filled with endless excitement and adventure. Fiji’s rich marine life, widespread beaches, and waters so clear that you can see your reflection making it heaven on Earth. Make plans with your friends, book your vacation, and prepare for weeks of excitement with this trip guide.

Why Choose Fiji?

If Earth has a paradise, it is Fiji. From pleasant tropical weather and island activities to delicious food and theme parties, Fiji checks all the boxes for an ideal vacation.

Scenic Beauty

The most obvious and convincing reason to visit Fiji is its beauty. Fijian islands boast natural scenery you will rarely find anywhere else. Its breathtaking sunset, sunrise views, and surreal beaches, surrounded by the majestic ocean, will keep you on a never-ending vacation high.


Fijian islands offer the perfect respite from exam stress and pulling all-nighters to study and cram for a test the following morning. Mana Island’s land and water activities will replace the sound of exam bells ringing in your head with a soothing chime of the local culture. In the Mamanuncas, every day will take you on a new adventure. The festivities, parties, and activities buffet will take you all over the island.


One of the most splendid Fiji private islands, the Shangri-La Yanuca Island redefines the meaning of an actual holiday. Shangri-La’s combination of exciting events, accommodations, dining, parties, and relaxation sets a new bar for vacations.

A Plethora of Water Sports

Are you a surfer or a diver? Whether you have a favourite sport or wish to try everything, Fiji is famous for its water activities. Beginner or experienced, Fiji’s marine hospitality gives you the perfect opportunity to create new memories with your friends during your Fiji Schoolies 2023 trip.

Mouth-Watering Food

Fiji offers you a mouth-watering menu of Fijian delicacies. Its diverse cuisines, which are the right blend of seafood, rice, spices, and chillies, take your taste buds on new adventures. Only Fiji gives you a taste of certain delightful delicacies. One is kokoda, a combination of lemon juice, coconut milk, and seafood; the other is kava, a root-based plant drink that refreshes your mind. 

Essentials to Carry: Fiji Edition

Travelling more or less requires the same luggage. However, the contents differ from vacation to vacation. Going on a trip with your family is slightly different from vacationing with your friends. Carrying these essential documents and fun items will ensure you enjoy a worry-free trip:

  • Passport
  • Your boarding pass or flight ticket
  • Signed travelling documents
  • Travel insurance documents
  • Parent or guardian approval
  • A working credit or debit card
  • Medical supplies
  • Swimwear (Fiji has stunning white-sand beaches for you to dip your toes in)
  • Sunscreen
  • Tropical clothes
  • Casual and partying clothes
  • Comfortable footwear
  • A working camera to capture the memories

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Final Thoughts

Fiji Schoolies 2023 is your chance to reconnect with your friends, create and share memories, spend the day in pool parties and dance your night away during the nightly themed parties. Grab your passport, pack your essentials, and fill your camera roll and social media account with the holiday of your dreams!

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